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SPARKATHON SoMoZ was a Success!

The winners of the SPARKATHON were Henry Rodriguez, Sarita Manocha, Bella Alvarado, Quincy Bartlett, Alex Flynn, Sarah Malik, and Lily Cassin. Although they were the winners, all the teams had great ideas and CounsellingConnects are currently implementing their solutions in the real world to make college counseling free for low-income students.


One Intriguing problem. Four Hours to solve it. Join like-minded students across the United States. Prizes. An opportunity to make lifelong friends.


SPARKATHON is a day-long, 4-hour virtual, design-thinking competition where participants work in teams of 4-6 people and produce solutions to a particular problem in the world (announced at event). Then, judges will select the best solution and winning teams (or any team) can continue developing their ideas. Sparkathon SoMoZ supports winning teams for a six-month-period with mentorship to implement their solutions in target communities.

It is going to be held from 9 am - 1 pm CDT on Saturday, August 8th. It is COMPLETELY FREE and is going to be held on ZOOM. There are ONLY 25 spots total so sign up NOW!


Requirements to join:

  • Must be Living in the United States

  • Must be a Highschooler

  • Must have access to high-speed wifi

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Prizes on offer

The winning team will receive $25 amazon gift cards for every team member, plus an opportunity to work with CounselingConnects on their idea for six months


Learn valuable skills that will help in college and career

Design-Thinking is an insanely useful skill that will help you in solving real-world, complex problems and is going to be used in SPARKATHON SoMoZ.

Design-Thinking is taught at many prestigious colleges such as Stanford, Northwestern, UC Berkeley, Brown, Claremont Colleges (Harvey Mudd, Claremont McKenna, Pitzer, Scripps, Pomona), MIT, Princeton, and others. It is also used in many big and successful corporations such as Apple, Google, Tesla, etc.

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Why SoMoZ?

SoMoZ is the name of the Sparkathon. SoMo stands for social mobility and the Z stands generation Z (our generation). This can give you a hint to the problem question that will be announced on the day of the event.


Aruj Khater, Founder

As a rising sophomore from keystone school, I am privileged and lucky to go to an amazing school which is excellent in college prep, but others more unfortunate than I do not have this opportunity, so it is my goal to provide these students the help and support they need to succeed and thrive in the real world and go to their ideal college. That is why i'm starting this SPARKATHON.

Meet the Team 


Shrey Khater, VP of Marketing

Hi there! My name is Shrey, and I attend The Harker School in San Jose, California. I have always felt extremely privileged that I have relatively easy access to college admissions materials and counselors, and I feel that every kid, no matter their demographic, should have access to these resources. This is why I joined SoMoZ - I believe that I can leverage my skills to really make a difference in the lives of other young, and deserving individuals.


Ishan Ajmani, VP of Operations

My name is Ishan and I am a rising sophomore at Keystone  school. My parents own pharmacies
around San Antonio and I always see dozens of young, homeless people under the bridge
near one of them. These people, as well as thousands of others, are fighting for their lives
everyday and do not have a path to a proper education. I believe that SoMoZ sheds light on
this problem and can better their lives.


Jeffrey Wang, VP of Public Relations

My name is Jeffrey Wang, and I am a rising sophomore from Keystone School. I want to make the world a better place, I think that this Sparkathon is a great way to improve the world. I am excited about helping lower income students gain access to college benefits and admissions. I also enjoy making music and playing sports.


Micah Hernandez, VP of Programming

I’m Micah Hernandez, a student at Keystone School. I think that SoMoZ is a great way to start thinking about bigger problems. Bigger problems are a change of pace from the everyday problems we usually think about. I think that sometimes you need this change of pace. Overall, I want to start thinking about things bigger than myself.


Peter Han, Mentor

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