Frequently asked questions

What is CounselingConnects' mission?

At CounselingConnects, our mission is to provide free college counseling to low-income students in the United States. Furthermore, these low-income students will be able to break out of the poverty cycle and become successful.

How does CounselingConnects achieve this mission?

Through virtual meetings on zoom, low-income students will be able to have one on one conferences with their counselors. In these meetings, our counselors will provide students with proper guidance to reach their full potential so they can be set on the right path to success.

Are the services that CounselingConnects provides really free?

Yes! CounselingConnects college counselors are volunteers who are providing their services for free.

Who can request such free services from CounselingConnects?

Any low-income student in the United States who are in grades 8 and up can accept this free service.

How can I help Counseling Connects?

There are many ways you can help! If you are someone who has college counseling experience, sign up to be a volunteer. Make a monetary donation that will help fund college tuitions of many bright students. If you know someone that can help CounselingConnects, refer them to us!

Who leads Counseling Connects? What's this person's motivation for starting Counseling Connects?

The founder of CounselingConnects is Aruj Khater. He is a high school student at Keystone School in San Antonio and is also a co-founder of another non-profit organization known as Dream Donations. Dream Donations was a stepping stone for Aruj's motivation to start CounselingConnects. Dream Donations' goal was to feed the those who were impoverished and homeless. Aruj wanted to continue this goal of helping others so he began researching about a variety of problems citizens in America are having and he decided on looking into social mobility. He noticed that social mobility has been quite stable since the 1970’s and hasn't changed much, but compared to other developed countries like Canada and Denmark, America is falling behind since children from low income backgrounds in Canada or Denmark have twice the chance than Americans from poor backgrounds to go from the bottom to the top. Consequently, Aruj had a burning desire and motivation to help low-income students break out of the poverty cycle which lead to the creation of CounselingConnects.